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Diagnostics Test Specialist

Maryvale Family Practice

Family Practice located in Phoenix, AZ

Health care providers use diagnostic testing to provide objective data that may explain your symptoms or health issues. At Maryvale Family Practice, Nahla Chirco, FNP, a board-certified family nurse practitioner, offers many types of diagnostic testing to assess health needs and concerns. To schedule an appointment for diagnostic testing, call the office in Phoenix, Arizona, or book an appointment online today.

Diagnostic Test Q&A

What is diagnostic testing?

Diagnostic testing includes various procedures and studies that provide valuable information about your health.

At Maryvale Family Practice, Nahla uses diagnostic testing to better understand the root cause of your symptoms, assess your general health, and screen you for diseases. Diagnostic testing also helps her evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment plan for various health issues. 

What types of diagnostic testing are available?

Maryvale Family Practice offers many types of diagnostic testing, including:


An ultrasound is a noninvasive imaging study that uses soundwave technology to generate images of your internal organs. Nahla may perform an ultrasound test to diagnose gallbladder disease, evaluate your thyroid gland, or look for joint inflammation. 

She may also use ultrasound testing during a women’s health visit to look at your reproductive organs to diagnose gynecological issues, such as fibroids or ovarian cysts, that may explain your symptoms. 

Electrocardiograms (EKGs)

During an EKG, Nahla attaches special electrodes to your chest, arms, and legs to check electrical activity in your heart. She may perform an EKG if you come in with complaints of chest pain or she has concerns about your heart health. 

An EKG may also reevaluate your heart health after implementation of your cardiac rehabilitation plan following a heart disease diagnosis or a heart attack. 

Nerve conduction studies

Nerve conduction studies assess nerve health and look for signs of nerve damage. Nahla specializes in pain management and may perform nerve conduction studies to confirm or rule out the source of your pain. 

Pulmonary function tests (PFTs)

PFTs are noninvasive tests that assess lung function. Nahla may recommend a PFT during  your annual wellness exam or if she needs to assess your lung health because you have a condition like asthma or chronic lung disease. 

Lab testing

Lab testing uses fluids or samples from your body to diagnose or reassess a variety of medical conditions. The testing includes blood work, urinalysis, and tissue testing. 

Allergy testing

Maryvale Family Practice also provides allergy testing in the form of skin prick testing or blood testing.

How do I know what type of diagnostic testing I need?

When you come in for an evaluation, Nahla spends time reviewing your medical history, health concerns, and symptoms. She determines what types of diagnostic testing you need based on the information she gathers during your exam.

She uses diagnostic testing to better understand the root cause of your symptoms or disease so she can develop an effective treatment plan. 

To schedule an evaluation at Maryvale Family Practice, call the office or book an appointment online today.